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Donald F. Donahue, DTCC's CEO, published an opinion piece in the December 2010/January 2011 issue of FTSE Global Markets that discusses changes taking place in the global financial markets and the heightened focus on risk management, along with DTCC's response to the new environment and the implications of the changes for customers of the organization.

"At DTCC, we understand that the bar of regulatory expectations on risk has been raised and what used to be normal or standard operating procedure is fast becoming history," Donahue writes. "As a result, we're now initiating a top-to-bottom transformation in how DTCC thinks about risk, how we oversee risk, how we manage risk and how we plan to address risk - all aspects of risk - both within DTCC and within the financial system we are a key part of."

FTSE Global Markets is a bi-monthly publication, with 20,000 readers globally. It provides commentary and analysis on the world's equity and debt markets. The publication's circulation represents a broad cross-section of market professionals from financial institutions, pension funds, mutual funds, stock exchanges, hedge funds, investment firms, brokerages and trading floors as well as specialist data providers.

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