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DTCC’s Alternative Investment Products (AIP) service continues to progress, bringing new partners on board to help centralize investment data, reduce risks and increase operating margins for participants in the growing alternative investments marketplace.

Phoenix American

Phoenix American, established in 1972, provides transfer agent services as well as sales and marketing reporting services to companies in the alternative investment and mutual fund industries. In addition, it offers full-service corporate accounting and tax services to companies specializing in financial services and securitization. Phoenix is also a premier provider of aircraft securitization administrative services.

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AIP links global market participants, including broker/dealers, fund managers, administrators and custodians to provide end-to-end processing of alternative investments such as hedge funds, funds of funds, private equity, non-traded real estate investment trusts (REITs) and limited partnerships.

Centralizing data

In a step toward extending the benefits of AIP to non-traded REITs and limited partnerships, DTCC has teamed with Phoenix American Financial Services (Phoenix), a San Rafael, California-based transfer agent.

Phoenix will feed the AIP platform with non-traded REITs and limited partnerships data, giving registered representatives and financial advisers the ability to seamlessly connect with manufacturers of these products so they can sell the investments to their high-net-worth clients. Phoenix will begin testing with DTCC during the third quarter of this year. By supporting the AIP platform, Phoenix is helping to centralize alternative investment data, bringing more order to the alternative investments marketplace.

Driven by investors’ desire for portfolio diversification, the market for alternative investments has grown significantly since 2000. Hedge fund assets alone have risen to an estimated $2.7 trillion while the size of the non-traded REIT market has almost tripled over the past five years to reach $438 billion.

Efficiency and scalability

“We are very pleased that Phoenix American has joined DTCC and our other partners to support AIP,” said Ann Bergin, DTCC managing director, Wealth Management Services. “Collaboration is key to bringing change to the alternative investments market. Together we can effectively deliver on our shared objective: to provide the alternative investment community with the operational efficiency and scalability it needs to facilitate greater product distribution and increase market growth.”

“Participation in DTCC’s AIP platform is consistent with Phoenix American’s commitment to provide its clients with maximum efficiency, reliability and flexibility,” said Phil Owen, vice president of Operations, Phoenix American. “Phoenix has always encouraged and embraced improving industry standards. This will open the doors for our clients to access tens of thousands of reps and advisers.”

AIP is designed to standardize the way the alternative investment industry communicates information by creating a uniform platform that leverages the collective expertise of DTCC, Phoenix and other partners. @

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