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by Bari Trontzl

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EuroCCP recently enhanced its public website to give customers and visitors easier access to more information. The new features include frequently asked questions on customer onboarding, an event calendar highlighting EuroCCP contributions to public seminars and conferences, and an interactive geographic map of services. In addition, EuroCCP recently launched a section in the Thought Leadership area of its website that aims to demystify clearing and encourage an informed debate about market structure.

“EuroCCP places the highest priority on listening to customers and would like to help them make informed opinions and decisions about post-trade service arrangements,” said Diana Chan, CEO of EuroCCP. “Our website shares questions and answers on topical issues in the clearing industry, as well as explanations on some clearing basics. If customers and visitors cannot find an answer on our website, they can email their query directly to us via a dedicated mailbox. We are committed to informing market participants about critical issues in clearing that impact the services they receive.”

Questions and answers

Q&As have been added to both the Thought Leadership and Membership sections of the website. All the questions included are those most regularly asked by customers and other interested parties.

  • Thought Leadership Q&A:This section includes questions surrounding the European clearing landscape. Topics range from “What is clearing?” to insights into interoperability, risk management, cost, governance and market structure. Visitors are also encouraged to send additional questions to thoughtleadershipQ&, so that EuroCCP can post new questions and remain current on the issues that are of most interest and concern to the marketplace.
  • Membership FAQs: Designed to make the membership process more transparent and efficient, this section answers frequently asked questions about becoming a EuroCCP participant and steps in the onboarding process. Subjects include criteria for becoming a participant, the application process and fees, among others.

Mapped out

Under the Our Services section, EuroCCP has added a Service by Country map so visitors can easily click on one of the 19 markets that EuroCCP currently covers and obtain information on the currency, market-specific documentation, central securities depository (CSD) account, buy-ins and settlement cycle for the particular market of interest.

The map provides an interactive snapshot of EuroCCP services offered in a particular market. It offers an abstracted, high-level alternative to the procedure documents that detail these services.

Calendar of events

The new event calendar, located in the Thought Leadership section, allows visitors to learn about the conferences and industry events to which EuroCCP executives are contributing throughout the year.

This calendar lists recent and upcoming events that address important issues pertaining to the trading, clearing and settlement of securities transactions in European markets and hot-button topics of debate including interoperability, risk management, and governance and ownership.

The listing includes a link to the event host’s website. The most recent event is highlighted on the home page of the EuroCCP website.

Coming soon

EuroCCP is continually improving its website to make it easy for visitors to access information. Next on the agenda is giving visitors the ability to view all ISINs (International Securities Identification Numbers) cleared by EuroCCP. A new webpage will be created for the imminent launch of the joint EuroCCP/Omgeo clearing initiative for OTC equities transactions. @

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