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Asking Gets Easier

The customer feedback we’ve received about WINS has been very positive,” said Timothy Pamlanye, DTCC manager, Customer Help Center, noting that it replaced the Participant Inquiry Notification System (PINS), the legacy “green screen” system for submitting inquiries to DTC, in 2009.

As every consumer knows, time is of the essence when you have an inquiry, and WINS has delivered major gains on this front. Since the service went live in 2009, customers have seen a 26% reduction in the average amount of time needed to close a customer inquiry. WINS also sends instant email notifications of any changes to the status of an inquiry.

The system scores points for user-friendliness, as well. For instance, its intuitive drop-down menus are a breeze to use compared with the non-intuitive “reason codes” that customers entered into PINS to submit inquiries. The elimination of these codes has not only freed customers from the burden of remembering and entering the correct codes, it has cut errors resulting from the misrouting of inquiries to the wrong departments when customers used erroneous codes. “Now inquiries are being routed more quickly to the correct departments,” Pamlanye said.

PINS is no longer available as a customer inquiry service. Currently, it is only used for end-of-month confirmations, although this function is being phased out with plans to shut it down completely.