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DTCC’s latest annual report, whose theme is "Making a Difference," describes the company’s work with customers, regulators and other industry entities – across diverse customer segments and asset classes – to mitigate risk and reduce cost for the financial services industry. The report offers an inside look at how DTCC successfully settled nearly $1.48 quadrillion in securities transactions in 2009.

"DTCC remains determined to make a difference by working closely with our customers to help them stay ahead of the curve on issues such as intensifying regulatory requirements, the increasingly complex nature of risk, pressures on margins and accelerating global competition," says Donald F. Donahue, DTCC chairman and CEO, in his letter to stakeholders. "Instead of reacting to events, DTCC is stepping up to help shape the industry’s changing landscape, working with customers and regulators to tackle issues of transparency and systemic risk that are at the forefront of discussions about global financial reform."

Donahue also writes about DTCC’s value proposition. "We are keenly aware that our most valued asset is DTCC’s reputation as a trusted provider – a reputation built on our core business and our ability to mitigate risk; reduce costs; create efficiencies; provide safety, soundness and reliability; maintain the highest standards for quality and excellence; and place our customers at the center of all we do," he states. "This heritage is where our competitive edge lies as we explore new opportunities to strengthen the industry by developing new products and enhancing existing ones."

Other highlights

The report details how DTCC provides the post-trade processing efficiency and low cost that attract investment capital to help fuel the U.S. economy. It describes how DTCC is:

  • Working towards accelerating the trade guarantee for NSCC-cleared transactions
  • Preparing for the launch of a central counterparty for mortgage-backed securities
  • Building on EuroCCP to expand services and lower costs for members in Europe
  • Bringing greater transparency to the over-the-counter derivatives market
  • Taking a leadership role with global regulators to help shape the outcome of the industry’s changing landscape.

To obtain a copy of the DTCC’s 2009 annual report, Click Here. You may also contact Lorna Helwig at or 212.855.4837. @