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by Helen Cunningham

Does @dtcc keep readers informed about the products and services provided by DTCC subsidiaries? The answer is yes, according to 95% of respondents to a recent reader survey, who either strongly agreed or agreed that it does keep them informed.

@dtcc thanks all the people who took the time to complete the survey, conducted in July and August. We greatly appreciate your insights and will use them to strengthen the publication and ensure it continues to meet your needs for information about DTCC.

Many voices

We conducted the 16-question reader survey to obtain metrics on perceptions of the publication. We wanted to check in with you to gauge @dtcc's effectiveness in delivering news and information about DTCC on a regular basis, and to use your feedback to make the publication an even more useful resource.

Altogether, we received more than 350 responses from across the industry. The overwhelming majority of respondents listed operations as their area of expertise (66%). Other fields in which respondents work include technology (11%) and finance (7%), as well as risk management, product management, strategy and government relations.

Pass-Along Readers: My hard copy is read by others in my company

The diversity of job titles indicates the wide range of @dtcc readers. Survey respondents included c-level executives (CEO, CFO, COO, CTO, chief compliance officer), managing directors, senior vice presidents, vice presidents, assistant vice presidents, executive directors, directors, managers, associates, specialists, analysts, credit analysts, relationship managers and systems analysts. Also completing the survey were an investor relations analyst, a regulatory agency director, a web producer, an innovation manager and a call center representative.

These people work in many areas of the industry including broker/dealer systems, risk management, trading operations, clearing, asset transfer services, wealth management services, fund services, fixed income, equity clearance, cashiering, customer settlement, compliance, dealer services, trust operations, corporate actions, derivatives, treasury and finance, business development, proxy client services, annuity client services, securities lending, asset servicing and tax reporting.

More findings

Survey results indicate customers and other readers view the publication as an easy-to-read source of information about DTCC's strategy and business initiatives. Key ratings include:

  • 93%: @dtcc helps familiarize me with DTCC's business initiatives
  • 91%: @dtcc effectively communicates DTCC's strategy and direction
  • 92%: The writing is clear and understandable

I sometimes revisit articles from @dtcc at DTCC's website

The survey also revealed that 72% of respondents pass their hard copy of @dtcc along to other people (see chart), which indicates many readers think their colleagues can benefit from the information in @dtcc.

Topics and types of articles wanted

@dtcc readers look to the publication for a broad range of coverage, according to the survey results. The questionnaire asked respondents to identify the three issues of importance from a list of 11. Topping the charts were operational issues, followed by industry trends. Interest in other topics was spread broadly (see chart).

When asked about the types of articles they want to see, readers indicated a diversity of preferences. Once again, articles on industry trends topped the list, followed by how-to articles, case studies and Q&As with industry leaders.

Content delivery

Responses to the survey pointed to a strong reader preference for hard copy. When asked how they prefer to read @dtcc, 63% of respondents indicated hard copy vs. 32% for online. In addition, many readers like having both hard copy and an online version of the publication available to them (53%).

Identify three topics that are most important to you

What's more, 52% of respondents said they sometimes revisit articles from @dtcc online, which suggests the publication has a shelf life beyond print (see chart).

In coming months

We have begun to incorporate the survey findings into our planning of the editorial content for @dtcc, and upcoming issues will reflect your input.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, suggestions or comments about @dtcc, please send them to

Thank you again for your valued feedback. @