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by Craig Donner

DTCC has launched a YouTube channel to raise awareness of public policy issues related to financial services in the United States, Europe and Asia, and to support the company’s Financial Reform In-Focus podcast series.

The channel is one element of DTCC’s media and communications program targeting lawmakers and regulators globally on issues related to financial services.

Tune in to DTCC

DTCC’s podcast series consists of interviews with lawmakers and DTCC executives, and is hosted by Dan Cohen, DTCC managing director and head of Government Relations.

Recent podcasts have featured conversations with Congressman Michael Grimm (NY-13), Congressman Randy Neugebauer (TX-19), Michael Bodson, DTCC COO, and Larry Thompson, DTCC general counsel. Topics range from a discussion of the latest developments in Congress to the status of financial reform in Europe to the indemnification provision of Dodd-Frank.

“The podcast series has become an effective tool for informing government officials, regulators, media and other stakeholders on policy issues related to financial reform,” said Cohen. “At a time when this audience is being inundated with information, we have to be creative and user-friendly in getting our message out in order to be heard above the din. By leveraging social media tools like YouTube, we’re able to share insights and raise awareness of issues in a format that’s accessible and convenient.”

Rapid response

DTCC also uses the podcasts to alert viewers to new legislative developments, allowing the company to quickly reach a broad audience and provide updates on issues of importance.

“In a legislative environment where policy can be debated for months but finalized in a matter of hours, the podcasts are an important element of our government relations outreach strategy,” Cohen said. “They help ensure that DTCC’s point of view is communicated and reinforced to lawmakers and regulators.”

The podcasts also give DTCC another vehicle for reaching out to journalists on financial-reform issues in Congress and Europe’s legislative bodies. Several print and online publications have published articles on issues like indemnification, including comments from podcasts with DTCC’s executives. @

[To view the podcast channel, go to The podcasts are also available on as well as for download on iTunes.]