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DTCC’s Insurance & Retirement Services (I&RS) business recently partnered with Pacific Life’s Retirement Solutions Division to produce a case study about the carrier’s support for automating both extremes of the insurance industry’s spectrum, including the largest distributors in the U.S. and the smallest independent planner channel broker/dealers.

“Pacific Life currently supports a substantial majority—65%—of the independent broker/dealer [IBD] market that utilizes our business,” said Adam Bryan, DTCC managing director and general manager, I&RS. “It’s an interesting case study because Pac Life is clearly doing something unique to extend the benefits of automation and standardization to everyone, large and small.”

In the case study, Cat VanWey, assistant vice president, National Accounts & Broker Dealer Services, Pacific Life, put it this way: “No matter the size of the IBD, we don’t turn anyone down,” she says.

Margaret Flemming, director of e-Commerce, Pacific Life, describes how the firm gets IBDs up and running, quickly and efficiently. “One of the things we really try to do is make it easy to work with us,” she says. “Our philosophy is to make business simple. If you’re a broker/dealer looking to receive transmissions, and you’re looking to use DTCC — because we recommend DTCC’s services to everyone — then it should be an easy set-up. We have it down to a very streamlined process to set up a trading relationship with firms.”

‘Everyone saves’

For the insurance industry, which has traditionally relied on costly and time-consuming manual processing methods, the task of modernizing its practices has been a huge challenge. This challenge is magnified among smaller firms that usually do not have the same resources and budget at their disposal to build the technology interfaces that will allow them to fully take advantage of automation efficiencies.

“By getting them up and running and automating them, everyone saves,” says VanWey. “The firm and the reps will have access to the data they need, which thus frees up our reps to concentrate on other duties, like providing outstanding customer service to all the broker/dealers we work with.” @

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