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DTCC Rolls Out New Interface For Settlement Services

Customers who wish to sign up for Settlement Web must first “claim” their PTS/PBS ID by clicking the “User Profile Setup” link on the PBS portal and following the instructions. The claiming process allows customers to confirm the user associated with each PTS/PBS ID, creating greater audit and control capabilities over their user base. The process also allows users to access PTS, PBS and the Settlement Web with the same ID, which enables the Navigation Bar to create seamless navigation between the Settlement Web and PBS.

Once a customer claims his or her ID, the sign-up process can be completed by the customer’s Settlement Web Access Coordinator (AC). The AC will assign each of the firm’s prospective users a “core role” that will govern the level of access the users will have in the Settlement Web. This “roles-based access” process replaces the entitlements process that governs access to PTS and PBS and gives a firm’s AC direct control over the access employees will have to the Settlement Web.