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In September, George Perretti passed away.

George was DTCC’s managing director for Corporate Business Continuity, a 30-year veteran of the company and one of its most respected, accomplished and admired executives. His work and innumerable accomplishments, carried out primarily behind the scenes, will leave a permanent imprint on DTCC and the industry.

Perhaps George’s most lasting professional legacy will be the high standards he set, and continually raised, for business continuity planning (BCP) at DTCC, which had an impact across the financial services industry. Time and again, George took the lead in developing and executing DTCC’s ambitious, exacting continuity initiatives. He played a central role in building the company’s multiple, geographically dispersed data centers, mission-critical work that was catapulted to the highest priority after 9/11. Ultimately, DTCC won accolades from the industry and the top echelons of government for establishing new standards for business continuity.

The work required someone who was visionary and strategic, with an in-depth understanding of the company’s business and networks – and their underlying technology; someone with a command of the big picture and the capacity to manage every detail from costs, to power and telecom requirements, to facilities planning, to location. The ability to lead and inspire staff while placing inflexible demands on them was also requisite.

George had all that and more. He was also blessed with affability and a smile that made people like to work with him. Time and again over the course of his career, George took his place at the helm and led by example.

Today, the industry’s infrastructure is more secure, reliable and robust thanks in large part to the talent, drive, dedication, rigor and leadership qualities George Perretti brought to his work. He made an enduring contribution to the financial industry.

George was also a remarkable human being. He made a difference in the lives of those who were fortunate enough to have known him.

DTCC mourns his passing.@