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  • Risk, Innovation and Collaboration Top GREAT’s Global Agenda

  • GREAT Participants

  • "I was pleased to make a presentation on leveraging the value of data. We’re taking a slightly different approach than we have traditionally taken and doing more user research before going into a development cycle, especially for web-based products. The web is basically like a storefront now; if the experience isn’t good, you’re not helping your customers. We had a lot of eye-opening revelations from our research, and I’m glad we were able to share it with the delegates."

    Janet Comeau, director, Corporate Communications,
    The Canadian Depository for Securities Limited

    "JSCC is launching a clearing service for OTC derivatives (CDS trades). It was helpful to talk to people from many parts of the world about their experiences working with customers. I was also very happy to have the opportunity to share with GREAT delegates our experience launching new services. This was a very fruitful seminar for my colleagues and me."

    Anna Yoshioka, deputy manager, Corporate Planning Division,
    Japan Securities Clearing Corporation

    "While we were established in 2001 to function as the central registrar, CCP and CSD for Mainland China’s equities market, we must be prepared for the time when we expand beyond our borders, and my main responsibility is global relations. Meeting colleagues from other countries who have such broad experience in market innovations has given me a lot of knowledge that I can discuss with my senior management. The entire week has been an inspiration."

    Nancy Wang, business manager, Comprehensive Administration Department,
    China Securities Depository & Clearing Corporation Limited

    "I was impressed with the entire conference, and particularly enjoyed hearing how India’s depository has gone beyond core services and launched initiatives such as a warehouse for commodities and a national skills registry for people working in IT."

    Alejandro Reyes Borda, vice president,
    Sales and Marketing, Deceval S.A.

    "To meet first-hand the people who are directly involved with businesses such as OTC derivatives, depository services and mutual funds – areas where we are working to introduce solutions in Mexico – was a wonderful opportunity to learn and to exchange ideas."

    Julio Obregon, manager, Operations
    and Settlement, S.D. Indeval

    "This was a great opportunity to develop an understanding of our counterparts and to see the similarities in the way we approach harmonization and standardization, which are important tasks for any social infrastructure."

    Masaki Matsumoto, senior manager,
    International Department, Japan Securities Depository Center, Inc.

    "The Securities and Exchange Board of India recently took the initiative to extend the Stock Exchange platform for purchases and redemptions of mutual fund units. So the knowledge I gained from the conference, particularly the session on mutual fund operations conducted by DTCC officials, was a great value addition. It gave us insights into handling the mutual fund platform in India and how to enhance volumes through the Stock Exchange."

    Prashant Vagal, vice president,
    National Securities Depository Ltd.

    “About 70% of the investments in Taiwan are in individual accounts, so risk management is very important to us, and our government wants us to do more. I was pleased that there were so many opportunities to discuss this issue and to learn about the processes that DTCC has created to handle them. The other topic we have learnt more about is corporate actions, which we plan to provide better services for in the near future. The entire week was an excellent networking opportunity.”

    Feng-Chung Chen, vice president,
    Computer Operations Department, Taiwan Depository & Clearing Corporation

    "The conference has become a necessity for gaining an understanding of how our counterparts respond to the pressures of our business, new regulations, the need for increased transparency, etc. It allows us to leverage each other’s best practices and reduce the costs of doing business."

    Manoj Puri, chief information officer, Strate Ltd.