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Mark G. Clancy, Managing Director and Corporate Information Security Officer | August 1, 2012


At a recent U.S. House Financial Services subcommittee hearing on cyber threats affecting capital markets and corporate accounts, several industry experts detailed how cyber crimes represent a significant danger to the long-term national and economic security of the United States or any nation targeted for attack. During my testimony, I urged Congress to enhance collaboration and data sharing among the public and private sectors to ensure that all available resources are working in concert to protect and defend the financial sector.

While many of the attacks launched against the sector thus far have been limited in scope, cyber criminals are increasing their technological sophistication at a rapid pace – and their attempts to initiate denial-of-service attacks on the public websites of consumer banks, credit card processors and stock exchanges have the potential to produce system-wide impacts.

Download the Congressional Testimony: Defining Critical Infrastructure Key to Shaping Policy