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by Edward C. Kelleher

Brooks Gibbins, vice president, Product and Strategy, Asset Control

DTCC is extending the reach of its Global Corporate Actions Validation Service (GCA VS) by teaming up with leading software companies that automate the processing of corporate actions information. The partnerships give customers an end-to-end solution that combines GCA VS’s high-quality data with state-of-the-art processing capabilities offered by multiple vendors.

“We publish and distribute files of corporate action data up to 15 times a day so our customers receive the latest and most accurate data available,” said Daniel Thieke, DTCC vice president, Asset Services. “In some instances, firms are unable to process the information quickly and efficiently by themselves, so they are turning to outside vendors for help.”

To support this customer need, DTCC designed a new Certified Software Partner program through which GCA VS collaborates with a select group of firms that offer processing capabilities for corporate action events. “We are integrating our corporate actions data feeds with their processing software to give customers a cost-effective, comprehensive processing option for their corporate actions businesses,” said Thieke. “Going forward, we will work with other qualified software firms that are prepared to be certified to interface with the data feed from our validation service.”

Partners’ perspective

GCA VS tracks, validates and distributes high-quality corporate action data on 2.5 million securities globally in 200 countries and in 15 languages. GCA VS is an offering of DTCC Solutions

Doug Jeffrey, president, Americas, Information Mosaic/p>

LLC, a DTCC subsidiary.

Leading corporate actions firms that have signed on as certified software partners include Asset Control, Information Mosaic and XSP.

“The focus for Information Mosaic has always been to automate post-trade processes, whether it’s trade capture, settlement or, as in the case of the GCA VS, corporate actions,” said Doug Jeffrey, president, Americas, for Information Mosaic. “We have always worked closely with DTCC and supported the processing of DTCC data within our application,” he continued. “This agreement not only formalizes the relationship but will ensure that our clients and DTCC clients are confident that the services and applications we provide interact seamlessly, reducing operation risk.”

“Our goal is to help clients source and integrate corporate actions data by providing the most efficient and cost-effective solution available,” said Brooks Gibbins, vice president, Product and Strategy, Asset Control. “Thanks to this partnership, clients do not have to build costly, labor-intensive internal systems to process the corporate actions data. Now with GCA VS, Asset Control offers a completely integrated solution combining DTCC’s data and Asset Control’s data management products.” Gibbins said that a leading, global bank has the new system up and running.

Brendan Farrell, Jr., CEO, XSP

“DTCC Solutions is the premier provider of cleansed corporate action data, with a depth and breadth unparalleled in the industry,” said Brendan Farrell, Jr., CEO of XSP. “By combining this data with the XSP software, we’re moving the industry towards straight-through processing. The solution not only boosts efficiencies and eliminates data errors, it also allows our clients to focus on downstream processing, such as notifications to clients and instructions to prime brokers and custodians. With our new XSP Cloud offering that supports the DTCC reengineering initiative, XSP will even auto-instruct DTCC for participants.” Farrell said several XSP clients are already processing corporate actions with the integrated system. @

[For more information on DTCC’s Certified Software Partner agreements in Asia, contact Catherine Deng at or +086 213220 4710, ext. 8015; in EMEA, contact Carl Jones at or +44 (0) 20 7650 1421; and in the U.S., contact Patrice Lott at or +1 212.855.4215.]