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Jul 11, 2012 • Press Releases

JPMorgan Chase Goes Live With ISO 20022 Income Announcements

New York, July 11, 2012 – The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) today announced that JPMorgan Chase is the first financial institution to go live with DTCC’s new global ISO 20022 income announcement messages using DTCC’s SMART network, which supports the transformation of how these corporate action messages are processed.

JPMorgan Chase was one of four leading DTCC members that participated in a pilot program last year testing the new ISO 20022 corporate actions and income messages with DTCC and SWIFT.  JPMorgan Chase will roll out the remaining corporate action messages in August 2012. 

“This is a significant event for JPMorgan Chase and for our clients,” said Mark Trivedi, Product Head for Global Custody Americas at J.P. Morgan Worldwide Securities Services. “ISO 20022 brings major new efficiencies to corporate actions processing, helping to reduce risk, foster transparency and streamline the delivery of corporate actions information.”

The launch of ISO 20022 processing is an integral part of DTCC’s overall reengineering initiative.  The multi-year initiative will replace multiple legacy systems with a single new platform that allows users to manage their entire corporate actions process from announcements through instructions to payments.

“This represents a milestone for both DTCC and JPMorgan Chase,” said Daniel Thieke, DTCC Managing Director, Asset Services.  “JPMorgan Chase has been involved with DTCC’s ISO 20022 program from the start. As a leading global custodian, JPMorgan Chase understands the benefits that DTCC’s reengineering initiative brings to corporate actions announcements processing – including moving the industry closer to straight-through processing and further reducing risk.”

DTCC will continue to onboard new clients for ISO 20022 announcements in 2012.  The company will also launch the pilot in Q3 for distribution events covering the entire corporate actions lifecycle including entitlements, settlements and election processing for events eligible for its Elective Dividend Service (EDS).

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