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At the annual Members of European Parliament (MEP) Awards Ceremony in Brussels, Committee Chair Sharon Bowles, a Liberal politician from the United Kingdom and key driver of European financial reform, received the award for the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee, the key legislative committee of the European assembly dealing with economic and financial affairs. Larry Thompson, DTCC Managing Director and General Counsel, presented the award at an event that recognized 19 MEPs for their work in a number of policy areas. Members are nominated by a group of trade associations and non-governmental organizations, and Members of European Parliament vote to decide the winners.

“Ms. Bowles efforts on the Committee have played a crucial role in the ongoing effort to enhance the stability and resiliency of the global financial markets,” Thompson said. “I was honored to represent DTCC in presenting her with this award.” This is the second time DTCC has given the award for the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee. Last year, Robert Druskin, DTCC Executive Chairman, was in Brussels to present the award to MEP Astrid Lulling from Luxembourg.

The awards ceremony was hosted by Parliament Magazine and attended by more than 450 guests (including more than 80 MEPs, senior officials from the European Commission and European Council, as well as business executives).@