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Omgeo, which automates posttrade processing for institutional investors globally, has named Andrew Gray, DTCC Managing Director of Core Business Management, as its new Chairman of the Board.

Andrew Gray, DTCC Managing Director of Core Business Strategy

“I am delighted to be leading Omgeo’s Board to ensure the company’s continued excellence,” Gray said. “With a Board this talented, we will be well prepared to navigate the ever-changing market Omgeo serves, while remaining steadfast in our commitment to bringing increased efficiency and reduced risk to the financial markets.”

Board composition

Tim Collier, CFO of Thomson Reuters Financial and Risk Business, and Mark Bradbury, Managing Director, Head of Global Equities Business Services, at Deutsche Bank, have also joined as members of the Omgeo Board.

Donald F. Donahue, former DTCC President and CEO, has stepped down as Chairman of the Board and will continue as a Board Member. David Turner, CFO, Markets, at Thomson Reuters, has resigned and has departed as a member of the Board.

Omgeo’s Board of Managers, currently made up of 11 representatives of the financial industry, plays a vital part in the ongoing governance and industry oversight of the organization. Board members are responsible for representing the interests of all Omgeo’s clients as decisions about strategy, governance and operations are made.

‘Collective expertise’

“Andrew Gray, Tim Collier and Mark Bradbury are welcome additions to Omgeo’s Board of Managers,” said Marianne Brown, President and CEO of Omgeo. “Their talent and collective expertise in financial services and international operations management will help us to navigate the ever-changing financial landscape and drive even greater value for our global community. In addition, we graciously thank Mr. Donahue and Mr. Turner for their time and expertise and we look forward to continued contributions from Mr. Donahue as a Board Member.”@