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What the DTCC Brand Means to ClientsMarie Chinnici-Everitt, DTCC Managing Director and Chief Marketing Officer

With DTCC preparing to launch its new corporate brand positioning this spring, the company recently completed a client research study designed to assess awareness and understanding of DTCC, its capabilities and its performance in servicing clients. The study establishes benchmarks for measuring progress in a multi-year effort to evolve perceptions of DTCC against strategic business and brand goals.

As DTCC embarks on a new chapter in its 40-year history, the company is broadening its role in the new regulatory landscape, while remaining committed to its core values of protecting the global financial markets and helping clients mitigate risk and reduce costs. Of particular importance will be establishing DTCC as a global, industry thought leader and an innovative, collaborative driver of industry solutions.

Establishing a baseline

DTCC engaged The Melior Group, a marketing research and consulting firm that specializes in financial services research, to assist in establishing baseline brand metrics, identifying the most important qualities of financial market infrastructure providers and measuring perceptions of DTCC’s performance against critical attributes. In addition, the study assessed the impact of a new strategic positioning line that DTCC will be unveiling: “Securing today. Shaping tomorrow.”

Data was collected through a web survey of key client contacts across business lines and telephone interviews with senior executives.

Key highlights of the study:

  • Most respondents are satisfied with their relationship with DTCC (78%) and feel they receive excellent/above-average value from the company (71%).
  • DTCC is viewed as “the large, powerful, reliable, trusted workhorse” of the trade processing world. Respondents most often associate the words “settlement,” “utility” and “centralized role” with the company.
  • Substantially fewer respondents refer to DTCC as global, innovative, strategic or a thought leader. However, respondents who have the most experience working with DTCC (20+ years) were significantly more likely to view DTCC as a thought leader.
  • When selecting the ideal provider of financial services, respondents care most about stability, ability to “get it done,” client focus, honesty and trustworthiness.
  • The attributes most associated with DTCC are stable, trusted and honest.
  • Flexible, client-focused and proactive are the three qualities that drive loyalty and willingness to recommend DTCC.
  • Roughly half of respondents thought the new positioning line (“Securing today. Shaping tomorrow.”) fits DTCC. In particular, “Shaping tomorrow” was viewed by many as “aspirational, but within reach for the company.”

Next steps

DTCC will be assessing the results of the study and using the findings to inform its marketing and communications plans for 2013 and beyond.

“As we take steps to strengthen our position as a strategic thought leader and ‘shaper’ of tomorrow, it’s important that we maintain our strong foundation as a trusted, honest and stable partner to the industry,” said Marie Chinnici-Everitt, DTCC Managing Director and Chief Marketing Officer. “It’s important to know that clients see us as their first-choice provider of new services based on our track record in mitigating risk and securing the financial markets.”