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DTCC recently issued its 2012 annual report — the first all-digital report in the company’s history – and used the occasion to unveil its updated brand identity and new corporate strategic positioning: “Securing Today. Shaping Tomorrow.“ It is available on

The interactive report, which includes nine videos on DTCC’s corporate and business strategy, also reinforces the company’s thought leadership. It describes several key initiatives DTCC is leading on the industry’s behalf, such as shortening the U.S. equities settlement cycle, bringing new efficiencies to collateral management and dematerializing the U.S. markets.

“This year’s annual report reflects our commitment to the industry to safeguard the stability and integrity of global financial markets and our pledge to play a more active role driving positive change,” said Michael Bodson, DTCC President and CEO.

Robert Druskin, DTCC Executive Chairman, emphasized the importance of DTCC’s updated brand identity. “The brand raises awareness of DTCC and our role in the industry, and it helps us introduce, sell and promote the company to many different audiences around the world, including potential clients and partners, as well as governments and regulators,” he said. “All these things are increasingly important as our company grows and evolves.”

Image - Annual Report 2012The format and the brand

The transition to an all-digital report enabled DTCC to communicate in a more innovative and compelling manner and to leverage multiple platforms to give readers options for obtaining information quickly and easily.

“The digital format allows us to tell our story with words, graphics and videos; it is also representative of the company’s technology savvy, forward-thinking, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly approach to the business and our commitment to robust client communications,” said Marie Chinnici-Everitt, DTCC Managing Director and Chief Marketing Officer. “For the first time, readers will see a very dynamic, interactive annual report.”

The launch of DTCC’s updated brand identity is the culmination of extensive research, both in the marketplace and within the company.

“Feedback from our clients and other key stakeholders suggested that the DTCC brand was not really reflective of where we were as a company or where we are planning to head,” said Chinnici-Everitt. “We undertook some primary and secondary research among our client base and leadership team to really understand the organization’s core competencies, as well as where we were headed.” The result of those efforts is DTCC’s new positioning statement: ‘Securing Today. Shaping Tomorrow.”

“Securing today reflects how our core businesses protect the financial markets every single day,” said Chinnici-Everitt. “And shaping tomorrow is about how we work collaboratively with partners – within the industry, with regulators and others – to drive change on important issues that have a far-reaching impact on the industry, both within the U.S., as well as globally.”

To view the annual report, go to

To learn more about DTCC’s updated brand identity, see an interview with Marie Chinnici-Everitt, DTCC Managing Director and Chief Marketing Officer, at