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systemic risk

Systemic Risk

Despite an apparent ease in fears of a systemic risk event happening in the next 12 months, a recent survey conducted by The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) revealed that a vast majority of financial firms have increased spending on systemic risk mitigation.

The DTCC Systemic Risk Barometer, a newly branded survey now in its second year, was launched by DTCC to assess and measure the financial industry’s sentiment on significant and emerging trends that impact the safety, resiliency and continued sustainability of the global financial system.

The Barometer analyzed the information provided by 218 respondents – up from 80 in 2013 – comprising DTCC clients, including broker/dealers, banks, service bureaus, mutual fund companies, hedge funds and insurance companies. This year, the survey was further extended to regulators, academics and members of research organizations globally.

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With systemic risk mitigation still a top concern among many financial firms, DTCC is continuing to engage with clients and other stakeholders to heighten industry awareness of this critical issue and to share insights on new tools and resources to protect against these potential threats.

Leibrock Michael
DTCC Connection

Systemic risk management has become an integral part of DTCC’s overall risk management strategy—a focus that aligns with the emphasis the industry places on systemic risk identification, analysis and avoidance today.

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The strategic goal of this paper is to promote systemic-risk awareness and mitigation across the global financial industry.