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by Joseph King

Dan Lachaga, DTCC Product Manager

DTCC annually surveys clients to solicit feedback on how well the company is meeting their needs and ways in which it can further increase satisfaction and enhance its value proposition to the industry. Beginning today, @dtcc will launch a multi-part series featuring conversations with business leaders from Clearance, Asset Services, Settlement and Wealth Management Services to highlight initiatives they are putting in place to in response to feedback received from its clients in the survey.

In our first Q&A, Dan Lachaga, DTCC Product Manager, details enhancements to the Issuer Services product within the Asset Services business line.

Q.   In terms of Issuer Services at DTCC, what was the overall tone of client feedback from the 2013 DTCC Customer Satisfaction Survey?

A.   Issuer Services deals with a unique client base for DTCC, and while we had a good overall satisfaction score, we were able to identify some key areas for improvement.

Q.   What were the common themes identified by clients in the survey?

A.   Two themes consistently presented themselves:

  1. A general lack of awareness as to who DTCC is and its role within the industry.
  2. Frustration with our Securities Positions Reports (SPR) web service registration process and site navigation.

Q.   What action(s) did DTCC take to address the first theme? How does it benefit clients?

A.   We enhanced the Issuer Services product content in our newly launched website to highlight our role in servicing depository eligible securities. We also included a new FAQs section that covers a broad range of topics. Additionally, we developed a factsheet that provides a snapshot of these services which we deliver weekly to issuers who have recently made their securities DTC eligible.

Q.   What action(s) did DTCC take to address the second theme? How does it benefit clients?

A.   We updated our self-registration instructions to add more clarity and transparency to the SPR web registration process, released an up to date version of the User Guide and developed a webcast overview that walks the viewer through DTCC and the SPR web service. By giving clients the tools they need to both register for and then navigate our application, we allow them to maximize the benefits of the service while minimizing the time spent interacting with our customer service groups.

Q.   What other projects are you undertaking to enhance Issue Services?

A.   We are excited to be in the process of developing a prototype of a new SPR user interface that will be more intuitive while also expanding functionality. Stay tuned for more details.

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