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Do you know what universal trade capture is? Have you ever wondered what the difference is between netting and multilateral netting? The world of market infrastructure can sometimes have a language all its own – and DTCC is trying to bring clarity to the terms and phrases that explain the back office processes that help bring stability, efficiencies and risk mitigation to global markets with a new resource.


DTCC’s “101 Key Terms About DTCC and Financial Market Infrastructures” is the latest addition to its stakeholder education resources. The glossary, available as a PDF for download, joins a comprehensive collection of education materials available to assist stakeholders in their understanding of matters important to the financial markets, including global financial reform and other critical industry issues. From PowerPoint Presentations to Factsheets, these resources can be used individually or in combination to serve as an introduction to DTCC, the global financial markets and industry updates.


DTCC Glossary Jan 2014