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What Are Clients Saying?

“Thirty years on, Fund/SERV continues to be a leading utility providing additive opportunities to effectively advance choices for mutual fund servicing businesses. The advancement is in a manner that was, and continues to be, efficient for the many varied and interested constituents, and it remains a critical delivery component for Merrill Lynch.”

            --Bill Bridy,  President of Financial Data Services and Managing Director at Merrill Lynch

“Fund/SERV has continuously improved our Industry’s processing efficiency and reduced operational risk by allowing funds and firms to automate the flow of transactions and settlement between parties. Maintaining an infrastructure to process orders ourselves would be significantly more costly to us and our shareholders, far exceeding 6 cents to process orders outside of Fund/SERV. It’s difficult to imagine our industry without Fund/SERV.”

            --Scot Hawthorne,  Managing Director, JPMorgan Asset Management

"The impact of Fund/SERV on our industry is immeasurable. It replaced the costly, 100% manual process of accepting and settling wire order trades with a fully automated, straight-through solution. It truly is the gift that keeps giving to mutual fund shareholders."

            --Nino Palermo,  Vice President, American Funds Distributors

“Plain and simple, Matrix Financial Solutions would not exist today without NSCC’s Fund/SERV, nor would the industry as we know it. Not only did Fund/SERV level the playing field and allow companies like Matrix to provide a value-added service, it also revolutionized the mutual fund industry. Fund/SERV was a game changer by enabling companies like Matrix to provide connectivity more quickly and easily to services that reduce transaction and account detail errors, processing delays and reconciliation challenges. As a high-volume user, we at Matrix are forever grateful.”

            --Matrix Financial Solutions


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