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With systemic risk mitigation a top concern among many financial firms, the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) has developed a series of webcasts designed to provide clients and financial industry participants with key insights on ways to address the rapidly evolving nature of systemic risk and its impact.

The DTCC Financial Risk webcast series, developed by DTCC Learning, addresses three types of systemic risk: Liquidity, Interconnectedness and Counterparty.

The Liquidity Risk webcast launched the series in August 2014. The webcast defines liquidity risk and details how to measure and mitigate this type of risk. The webcast also provides an overview of the liquidity risk management regime at each DTCC subsidiary – The National Securities Clearing Corporation, The Depository Trust Company and the Fixed Income Clearing Corporation.

DTCC followed with its Interconnectedness Risk webcast in October 2014. The webcast details how the different pieces of the financial markets are connected and how risk can propagate through that connectivity.

The final in the series, Counterparty Risk, was released in December. “Prior to developing this webcast, we spoke with the Global Association of Risk Professionals and they identified counterparty risk as an increasingly important topic being discussed by their members,” said Louay Kaddah, Learning Program Manager, DTCC Learning. “So we developed a webcast that takes the viewer deeper into counterparty risk including how to measure its impact in the OTC derivatives market.”

Kaddah added DTCC Learning has plans to produce an Operational Risk webcast in the second or third quarter of 2015. His team is also looking into reproducing the existing webcasts with a deeper dive on some of the concepts already presented.

“These webcasts are designed to help anyone – not just risk professionals – expand their knowledge of systemic risk,” Kaddah said. “This is another example of how DTCC is helping bring greater focus and attention to this important issue.”

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