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DTCC Connection Readership Survey Reveals Satisfaction"We are in the throes of a transition where every publication needs to think of their digital strategy.” -Bill Gates, Founder, Microsoft

Publications always evolve. Three years ago, DTCC Connection transitioned from hard copy magazine to a digital publication. And that evolution continues today to better serve our readers.

We recently conducted a 10-question survey of DTCC Connection readers to obtain metrics on perceptions of the digital publication. We wanted to gauge DTCC Connection’s effectiveness in delivering news and information about DTCC, and use your feedback to make the news outlet an even more useful resource for our readers.

The results were positive. The majority of respondents (77%) indicated that they are “satisfied” with the quality of the content in the e-newsletter, including 12% who are “extremely satisfied.” Most readers (86%) also view the e-newsletter as easy to read, containing relevant information, and providing useful, timely and accurate information about DTCC’s products and services.

DTCC Connection publishes twice monthly to more than 13,000 subscribers and serves as DTCC’s primary external e-newsletter. Content includes news and updates related to DTCC products and services, as well as initiatives that impact the post-trade financial services industry.

The survey polled a slice of subscribers from July 25 to August 1, and 376 readers provided feedback, representing a 12% response rate. Although readers view DTCC Connection favorably in a number of areas, the editorial team plans to continue to engage subscribers to get additional feedback in the future, whether that be occasional online polling or through conversations directly with readers.

Survey results indicate that readership remains high, with 85% of respondents stating they read either every issue or most issues. Key ratings include:

  • Half of readers, 49%, noted they read DTCC Connection shortly after receiving it, while 21% set it aside to read later.
  • Two-thirds, or 65%, noted they read from one to three stories per issue, while 16% read from four to six stories. Each issue typically contains about nine stories.
  • More than 75% of respondents indicated that they share stories from the newsletter with colleagues, while just under half, 47%, reference stories to create reports or to do further analysis.
  • After reading a story in Connection, 40% of respondents said they “sometimes” speak to a DTCC Relationship Manager to learn more about a product or service.

Content Wanted

When asked about the types of content they wanted, readers indicated a broad range of topics. Leading the list are: Blockchain and fintech; T+2 Settlement; Systemic Risk; Regulatory Compliance and Industry Highlights.

Next Steps

We have begun to incorporate the survey finding into our planning of the editorial content for DTCC Connection, and upcoming issues will reflect your input. In the meantime, if you have any questions, suggestions or comments about DTCC Connection, please send them here.

Thank you for your valued feedback.