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Christopher Nolan, Director, DTC Settlement
Christopher Nolan, Director, DTC Settlement

As part of its ongoing effort to enhance and streamline the customer experience, The Depository Trust Company (DTC) will unify all Settlement Statement capabilities into the Settlement Web, the primary settlement user interface at DTC.

The Settlement Web combines the best aspects of PTS and PBS to provide more enhanced functionality and easier navigation for settlement services over its PTS/PBS counterparts, according to Christopher Nolan, Director, DTC Settlement. As a result, the Participant Settlement Statements (SETP/SETN) and Settling Bank Statements (SETB) will be retired in PTS on July 22 followed by retirement in PBS on August 26. “We urge clients to make sure that all of their users are leveraging the Settlement Web functionality well in advance of the retirement of these PTS/PBS functions,” he said.

DTC began a multiyear redesign of PTS and PBS in 2010 with the goal of improving the core settlement processing displays and replacing a complicated entitlements process, introducing the Settlement Web in 2011, containing basic settlement tools. In 2014, Settlement Statement functionality was added in parallel, offering clients time to ease into the new screens. Settlement Statements allows participants to see their settlement balances throughout the day, and allows Settling Banks to acknowledge or refuse settlement for the participants for which they settle.

Some key benefits of the Settlement Web include:

  • A Navigation Bar that offers a centralized point of access for all settlement functions across the user interface, with a more intuitive grouping of functionality.
  • Transaction File Uploads that provide clients with the ability to submit up to 5,000 transactions to DTC via a single CSV file.
  • Roles Based Access placing clients in direct control of a simplified entitlement process.
  • Monitoring and Threshold Alerts which reduce the users need to be monitoring the interface by allowing the ability to receive email alerts on events or threshold breaches.

In April, DTC announced the following enhancements to the Settlement Web:

  • Settlement Totals: When drilling down into individual transactions through the Participant Settlement Statements screens, users will be able to access the “Grand Totals” view currently accessible via the PF2 key in PTS. This option provides transaction counts and aggregate share quantity/settlement amounts based on the filters chosen, including activity code, counterparty, etc.
  • Improved Search Capabilities: Within the Activity Inquiry Screen, DTC is relaxing the requirement for sub-activity type when performing searches with the “SET” activity type selected to allow for broader inquiries.

DTCC Announces Dates for Retirement of Settlement States Functionality in PTS/PBS Chart

More information can be found in the DTC Important Notice B3395-16.