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Clarient Global LLC recently launched it’s new Base Relationship Service providing a secure environment for counterparties to establish a permissioned Base Relationship to exchange and maintain a full spectrum of legal entity data, as well as any documents related to onboarding, KYC, AML, regulatory, credit and transactional needs. All through a comprehensive workflow with fully transparent content controls and audit trail.

Clarient Entity Hub is an industry utility platform whereby legal entity data and documentation can be securely uploaded through a single entry point and maintained and shared between counterparties through an intuitive interface, enabling complete transparency into the process and control over content.

Clarient Entity Hub Base Relationship allows for...
- Structured, scalable distribution of NAV/AUM information
- Support for subordinate structures, including mandates and sleeves
- Document categorization against a taxonomy of 400+ document types
- The ability to build a regulatory library including CFTC Ownership and Control Reporting filings

Watch this video to learn more about the key benefits of Clarient Entity Hub Base Relationship and how it works.

To learn more, read this factsheet.