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As the third quarter comes to a close, The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) is preparing to launch the Q3 2017 DTCC Systemic Risk Barometer Survey, its semi-annual pulse check which monitors risks that may potentially impact the safety and resiliency of the global financial system. The survey is scheduled to launch on Tuesday, September 5 and run through Tuesday, September 26.

Among the questions, the survey provides a list of systemic risks, which could all be considered potential high-impact events, for risk ranking by respondents. The survey encourages participants to offer a forward looking perspective within their respective responses. Specific adjustments noted within this iteration of the survey include increasing the composition of risks available for ranking and prioritization, based on the evolving risk landscape and threats impacting financial services institutions. These adjustments were thoughtfully made to increase the precision of the survey, as well as ensure the survey continues to evolve in order to remain relevant.

“DTCC utilizes the survey results to benchmark our Systemic Risk Office priorities and initiatives versus the risks that have been prioritized by our member firms,” said Michael Leibrock, DTCC Chief Systemic Risk Officer. “DTCC also incorporates the survey results within its thought leadership and member outreach initiatives to promote transparency, foster collaboration, and exchange best practices on the current and emerging systemic threats impacting the financial services industry.”

Survey results are targeted for publication in last quarter of 2017, and will be discussed at DTCC Risk events, including the 2017 DTCC Client Risk Forum, the Q4 Systemic Risk Roundtable Breakfast and the Q4 Risk Advisory Council (RAC).

For additional details, including requesting a personalized link to complete the Q3 2017 Systemic Risk Barometer Survey, please send an email with your request details to [email protected].