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DTCC DataPro™: Realigning our Data Products Under a New Brand NameStarting March 6, DTCC’s line of data provisioning services will be realigned under a new name—along with an expanded product line, reconfigured product categories and a refreshed website.

DTCC DataPro, formerly DTCC Data Products, offers a suite of referential and activity-based data provisioning solutions to help clients address evolving operational, regulatory, risk and investment management needs. DTCC DataPro’s offerings are sourced from DTCC’s post-trade clearance, matching, settlement, asset servicing and reporting engines across most major asset classes. DTCC is rebranding its data products business to foster a cohesive identity and to clarify the value proposition around this growing suite of data solutions.

Over the last 18 months, DTCC has been building upon the foundation of a robust information service covering multiple types of referential and activity-based data,” said Ron Jordan, DTCC Managing Director and head of Data Services. “Now we’re poised to advance into additional categories of data provisioning and rebranding is timely in light of this next phase of activity.” What’s in a name

In June 2015, DTCC introduced a new centralized data provisioning service, DTCC Data Products. This service included the expansion of DTCC’s existing Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) and Corporate Actions ISO 20022 data product offerings and plans to further leverage DTCC’s vast data assets to help clients. The launch of the Commercial Paper (CP) and Institutional Certificates of Deposit (CD) Data Service marked the first new offering under a growing suite of data products.

The momentum of the business has confirmed market demand for the authoritative information that DTCC is able to provide, said Dan Magarino, DTCC Executive Director and head of DataPro. “However, we saw a mismatch between the original generic moniker ‘Data Products’ and the dynamism of how the business was evolving.”

By late 2016, the data products team was vetting various options for a name change. They settled on DTCC DataPro—close enough to “Data Products” to retain recognition with clients yet suggestive of many of other key associations with the brand, including data provisioning, data provider, data professionals—as well as data products,” said Magarino. “We like having the multiple meanings attached to our brand identity.”

More than a name

DTCC DataPro’s rebranding also entailed recoding the business website,, and, while the team was at it, refreshing elements of the business’ visual identity and creating new educational and marketing materials. The signature “wheel graphic” that depicts DTCC DataPro’s product organization has been updated to show the new categories. Among the features on the website is a new video highlighting DTCC DataPro’s capabilities and the scope of its service offerings. The business has updated its product fact sheets and marketing brochure; all are posted on the website.

Remapping the services

Last year the team also began reconfiguring the product categories to which individual services are assigned and the new categorization scheme became part of the rebranding.

DTCC DataPro’s six product categories are:

  • Announcement
  • Liquidity
  • Market & Benchmark Analytics
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Risk
  • Security Reference

In place of the former asset-class and data-type categories, DTCC DataPro has organized its offerings according to the kinds of insights they provide and business issues they can address. For example, products within the Liquidity category help increase market transparency and understanding of liquidity for some of the more complex securities. Services in the Regulatory Compliance category deliver configurable data solutions designed to help firms access information they need to comply with a number of global regulatory initiatives, including Basel III.

A growing portfolio

At the same time the new branding went live, DTCC DataPro launched a new set of services within the Market & Benchmark Analytics category, TIW Market Reports, designed to provide market risk perspectives on credit derivatives traded globally.

TIW Market Reports are sourced from activity data recorded in DTCC’s Trade Information Warehouse (TIW), a centralized infrastructure for reporting and asset servicing on approximately 98% of all credit derivative transactions outstanding worldwide. DTCC DataPro is offering Weekly Stock and Volume Reports, Index and Index Options Activity Reports, also generated and delivered weekly, and historical Stock and Volume reports, which show TIW’s aggregate credit derivatives activity data older than six months.

The Post-trade Critical Markets Report is another new DTCC DataPro service slated for release in March. This service will help firms determine whether they meet the market share thresholds articulated in the Interagency Paper on Sound Practices to Strengthen the Resilience of the U.S. Financial System. Several other new DTCC DataPro services are in the development pipeline.

“We work with clients to identify opportunities where timely, high-quality, customizable data can help them solve problems, enhance performance, cut costs, and meet various other objectives,” said Jordan. “The need for this kind of data keeps expanding, and we’re confident DTCC DataPro’s unparalleled data resources will enable us to create and deliver the solutions clients will value for years to come.”

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