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Artem Korenyuk

Artem Korenyuk

Artem Korenyuk

Artem Korenyuk is the Executive Director of Business Development and Fintech Strategy at DTCC. In that capacity, Artem is responsible for driving major business development efforts, including both organic and acquisitive growth, as well as directing and shaping DTCC’s Fintech strategy initiatives. As DTCC considers new business development efforts and emerging technology innovations, Artem leads the identification and evaluation process to assess the potential an opportunity has to create long-term value for DTCC.

He is also responsible for increasing organizational awareness as it relates to DTCC’s activities with emerging technologies, including blockchain, crypto assets and artificial intelligence, while promoting collaboration and fostering a culture of innovation across the organization.

Artem has more than 10 years of diverse financial services experience, including leading global initiatives, the design and delivery of post trade infrastructures as well as the development of data governance programs across the enterprise. He has extensive product knowledge across the asset classes and product lifecycle with a specialization in OTC Derivatives.

Prior to DTCC, Artem was with Citigroup where he led a series of initiatives aimed at streamlining internal trade booking, confirmation, clearing and regulatory reporting systems.


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