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David LaFalce

David LaFalce is the Global Head of Security and Business Continuity at DTCC. He is an industry leader in 
critical infrastructure protection with an extensive background in business continuity, physical security, IT 
security, and mission critical facilities. He has held the senior business continuity, security, and risk roles
at major financial utilities which operate as part of the nation's critical infrastructure.

David has completed graduate work in Business Continuity, Security, and Risk from Boston University in addition
 to completing dual master's degrees from Georgia State University and Southern Polytechnic State University, as well as a bachelor's degree from Lafayette College.

He has been an elected Member of the Board of Directors and Threat Intelligence Committee Member for Financial
 Services/Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FSISAC) and participates in the Financial Service Sector 
Coordinating Committee (FSSCC), Business Resilience Committee, Exercise Committee and Supply Chain Work Group,
 as well as SIFMA's Business Continuity Planning Committee. 


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