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Gordie Sands

Gordon Sands

Gordie Sands

Gordie Sands is Executive Director, Business Architecture for DTCC. In his current role, he is responsible jointly with DTCC’s Business Strategy team for leading DTCC’s FinTech initiatives. Additionally, Gordie directs DTCC’s User Experience program.

Gordie joined the firm in 1999 within the Omgeo LLC joint venture and transitioned to DTCC in 2013 when Omgeo was fully acquired. Before joining the Office of FinTech Strategy, he was responsible for Application Architecture for the DTCC Solutions group. At Omgeo / Thomson Financial ESG Gordie was head of IT Architecture, with overall responsibility for IT strategy, solution architecture, High Availability, and IT regulatory oversight programs.

Gordie has over 30 years of IT expertise, including IT strategy, database design and development, systems engineering, application development and architecture, and IT project management. He also has in depth knowledge of across the equities, fixed income and derivatives post-trade lifecycle.

Gordie is a frequent speaker at IT and FinTech conferences. He holds a bachelor's degree from Amherst College and interdisciplinary master’s degrees from Yale University and the University of Delaware.


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