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James Hraska

Jim Hraska, DTCC Managing Director and General Manager, FICC Services

James (Jim) Hraska

James (Jim) Hraska is Managing Director and General Manager, FICC Services, DTCC. He is responsible for the Fixed Income product group, overseeing all of FICC's products and services. As part of our commitment to deliver greater value to our clients, Hraska also leads FICC's efforts in initiatives such as expanding buy-side participation in FICC clearing services, as well as implementing product and process enhancements to increase efficiency and reduce risk across the industry.

Previous to DTCC, he was at Barclays, where he most recently served as Global Director of Product Management, specializing in Financing and Structural reform. He has 29 years’ experience in the securities industry with expertise in fixed income and equity financing, fixed income and equity derivatives, financial engineering, reinsurance, structured credit products, futures, and global clearance and custody.

Hraska is a long-standing member of SIFMA, where he served as the Government Operations Chair and as a participant in numerous working groups. He served as a member of the Treasury Market Practices Group (TMPG) from the group's inception through September of 2016, supporting integrity and efficiency in the treasury, agency debt, and agency MBS markets. He was also a senior member of the Fed's Tri-party Reform Task Force, which was responsible for the platform's risk and liquidity improvements over recent years.


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