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Priya Kundamal

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Priya Kundamal

Priya Kundamal is General Manager and Head of DTCC Data Repository, Singapore Pte. Ltd, the Singapore-based subsidiary of DTCC’s Global Trade Repository (GTR) service that provides OTC derivatives trade reporting to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). In this capacity, Priya works closely with regulators, market participant firms and industry associations across the Asia Pacific region and the globe on the adoption of automated solutions that deliver upon the G20’s OTC Derivative Market Reforms. Priya has a strong understanding of the regulatory frameworks behind reporting requirements across jurisdictions, as well as the ever-evolving technology in this space. She also sits on the board of the DTCC Data Repository, Singapore Pte. Ltd in an executive capacity.

Prior to joining DTCC, Priya held several roles in strategy and investment solutions at major global investment banks, asset and wealth management and technology firms based in Boston, New York, Hong Kong and Singapore. These roles spanned traditional financial markets as well as the OTC Derivatives business.

Priya is a CFA Charterholder and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the National University of Singapore.


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