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Timothy Cuddihy

Timothy Cuddihy

Timothy Cuddihy

Managing Director, Financial Risk Management

Timothy Cuddihy is a Managing Director for Financial Risk Management, supporting the market and liquidity risk for DTCC’s regulated clearing agencies. He is responsible for risk management, including the implementation of risk models, enhancing existing risk systems, counterparty surveillance, engaging market participants, working with regulators on DTCC’s business and risk approach, and developing risk management strategies. He is also responsible for developing, communicating and ensuring adherence to DTCC’s risk policies and procedures.

Timothy has more than 30 years’ experience in risk management in financial services. Over the course of his career, he has had significant interaction with market participants and the industry under various market conditions and across multiple asset classes.  He has substantial experience with benchmarking security prices, developing sound control and valuation analyses of high-risk businesses, and working closely with both regulators and external auditors. He also has advised senior management on financing alternatives, peak exposures, potential threats and alternatives to mitigate risks. 

Timothy holds a Master of Business Administration degree in finance from Rutgers University.  He also earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in mathematics and statistics from Rutgers.



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