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Acceptance Drives Professional Development

Jun 27, 2019

Acceptance Drives Professional Development
Wesley Diggory, DTCC GOCS Corporate Actions Specialist

In the final part of our series celebrating Gay Pride Month, Wesley Diggory, GOCS Corporate Actions Specialist from DTCC Wrexham, shares how DTCC makes him feel welcome and encourages him to develop his skills through participation in the company’s LGBTA BPN.

DTCC is the first company I ever worked for that recognizes its LGBT+ community. It’s such a breath of fresh air to be accepted and supported by my employer. At DTCC, we’re actively encouraged to embrace and celebrate diversity and equality on a global scale – it’s such a refreshing experience.

I started at DTCC in Wrexham in January 2018, and I quickly became a member of DTCC’s LGBTA Business Professional Network (BPN). I was excited to get involved with the events and contribute my creative skills to promote LGBTQ+. What I didn’t expect was that working with the LGBTA BPN would become a very important part of my career development, while at the same time allowing me to be myself without persecution.

DTCC Business Professional Networks

DTCC’s Business Professional Networks (BPNs) are formally recognized and supported employee-led groups made up of employees who share a common dimension of diversity, along with others who support the network’s mission. They were formed to help address opportunities around traditionally underrepresented groups in the workplace: Asian; Black/African-American; Hispanic/Latino; women; lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender; early- and mid-career; and veterans.

The BPNs are a vital part of DTCC’s diversity and inclusion strategy and the work of each is aligned to the priorities of the Global Diversity and Inclusion Council. Each network develops its own agenda geared toward contributing to DTCC in at least 2 of five key areas: Recruitment, Professional Development, Workplace Environment, Business Strategy and Community Involvement.

The BPN’s structure enables members to develop in ways they may not necessarily get in their day-to-day role at work. For me this happened when I became co-lead, I’ve had the opportunity to develop many skills that don’t necessarily get tapped during the course of my job responsibilities. Through the BPN, I’ve been able to build skills such as project management, creative writing, presentation, and fundraising. Plus, the BPN has presented opportunities to further network with colleagues across the organization and its global offices, support important causes and build important partnerships around our community.

As co-lead, one the events I managed was DTCC’s participation on the Chester Pride event. The event felt like both a work event and a personal achievement. Personally, I consider my attendance in the event important as it represents what we yearn for – freedom of expression, diversity, equality, and celebration of our difference.

I have grown so much as an individual and have acquired so many skills with my BPN involvement through my DTCC employment. I’m proud to be in an organization that fully accepts each and every person and pushes us to do and be better every day.

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