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Achieving Success Through Our Employees

Oct 25, 2018

Achieving Success Through Our Employees

Ball of energy, determined and inspiring.

These words best describe Silvia S., Change Management Specialist for the IT Organizational Change Management Office of DTCC. In her seven years with the company, Silvia has taken advantage of the firm’s extensive resources to develop her skills and grow her career. She’s passionate about her work, where she is defining change plans for engagement, communication and education for employees impacted by the information technology transformation initiative.

Silvia understands that leveraging evolving technology is very important for DTCC because it takes our already solid foundation to the next level – fostering innovation, collaboration and providing enhanced capabilities to continue to deliver solutions that safeguard the financial industry.

We caught up with Silvia to find out more about her work and her DTCC journey.

Q: What do you like most about working at DTCC?

Silvia: I think the company’s success is reflective of its employees’ individual successes. At DTCC, I get to work with leaders who foster a culture of collaboration and excellence. At the same time, I am encouraged to pursue my own personal development, both in and out of work. In fact, I’m happy to share that I recently obtained a Master of Science in Information Systems.

It has been an interesting journey! I went to school on Saturdays, five hours away from the office, but I had my management’s unconditional support and guidance, starting with the admission process through to the 14 months of this intense program.

Q: What’s a unique skill you developed because of the internal employee programs of DTCC?

Silvia: While at DTCC, I’ve become more ‘organizationally savvy’ due to the various internal employee programs that are available to staff and my active participation in our ERGs. As a leader of the UNIDOS (Hispanic/Latino) ERG, I had tremendous exposure to senior management and the opportunity to connect with many influential coworkers throughout the organization, which has helped me better understand the company and the importance of professional networks. In my role, it is very important to understand who we are as a company, along with our mission and values. I need to understand the people behind DTCC – our leaders and employees – and how we all come together to provide resilient, secure and efficient post-trade infrastructure for our clients.

Q: Is there a specific project where you’ve demonstrated this acquired skill and has helped the project be a success?

Silvia: A few months ago, I was involved in a significant transition of employees to a new function that consolidates application support services across all business lines. Because of the impending changes, there was a lack of understanding around how employees would be impacted. With my organizational experience, I was able to connect with various teams to identify and define the changes and worked hard to ensure strong engagement from the management team. The program was a success because we were able to effectively support the transition of our impacted employees.

Being organizationally savvy has also enabled me to assess and recommend appropriate change management approaches with IT officers who sponsor programs that support the current multi-year information technology evolution – helping to solidify DTCC’s presence as a Fintech leader in the financial services industry.

Q: What makes DTCC your ideal workplace?

Silvia: DTCC is deeply invested in its employees’ career development and growth. It is an environment where all employees are encouraged and enabled to excel, learn new skills and grow their careers within the organization. In my seven years with the company, I have encountered so many opportunities to grow, both as an employee and as a person. The focused investment in talent development and growth makes DTCC the ideal workplace.

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