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BOLD: Promoting a Culture of Inclusivity at DTCC

By Adrienne During, DTCC Director, AML & Sanctions Compliance | 2 Minute read | June 22, 2020

One of my passions in life is sharing my culture, celebrating what makes each of us unique and creating learning opportunities for people of different backgrounds. That’s why I joined the Black Organizers and Leaders of DTCC (BOLD) employee resource group shortly after I arrived at DTCC in 2012. Today, I am proud to serve as the global co-chair of this group.

BOLD is a forum that provides professional development resources for our members and allies, and helps promote a culture of inclusivity at the firm. The group offers insight into the black cultural experience at DTCC and builds greater awareness and community through keynote speakers, cultural events and giving back to the community.

I’m passionate about this mission because, when I was a student at Cornell University and during my years practicing law, I oftentimes found myself in the position of being the only black woman in the room. Because this is part of my everyday experience, I’ve gotten used to it, but I made a pledge to myself long ago that I’d do everything in my power to support the next generation of diverse leaders.

BOLD allows me to fulfill this personal commitment. It also is a great way to serve as a mentor to provide guidance to my colleagues looking to advance in the organization. In fact, one of the most successful events we’ve hosted is our black executive networking event, which gave our members access to meet with black executives across the firm. Through those conversations, and more, we get to hear about how these leaders rose to such prominent positions. It’s very powerful to spend time with someone who comes from similar cultural background and can relate to your personal experience.

Being part of the BOLD ERG has given me a better understanding of our organization and ways to use my leadership skills to help others. I take great pride knowing that I’m making a difference for the next generation of diverse female executives.

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Adrienne During DTCC Director, AML & Sanctions Compliance