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Discovering a Passion

By DTCC Connection Staff | 3 Minute read | December 4, 2018

After two years with the company, Seiji K., Relationship Manager at DTCC Tokyo, accepted the responsibility to be the site’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) ambassador. Seiji welcomed this new role and the opportunity to try something new and make a difference. Fast forward five years later, his CSR involvement has allowed him to make a positive impact on his community, the industry and his team.

Seiji shared how being a CSR ambassador for the Tokyo office has helped him appreciate and participate in volunteerism, and how the role was instrumental to discovering a hidden passion.

Q: Why is community involvement important to you?

Seiji: Participating in activities where I can give back to the community is something I deeply value. I especially like doing volunteer work that involves children – such as teaching them computer and language skills that will help them in their studies and in their future careers.

By being involved in various CSR activities at DTCC, we have helped our team embody the values that are important to the company. As a global firm, we deeply care about the communities where we operate and CSR opportunities enable us to give back. It also provides the local team with a chance to further strengthen the unity among colleagues.

Q: How does being involved in the community benefit DTCC’s clients?

Seiji: Because of our CSR activities, we have the opportunity to meet and work with CSR ambassadors from other financial firms. This also affords the opportunity for us to tell them more about our business.

For example, DTCC’s Tokyo office has been participating in financial industry-established marathons since 2015. It’s always good to partner with like-minded firms that prioritize making positive contributions to the community. Through our various CSR activities, we are able to strengthen valuable relationships with our clients because of the special bond we have in participating and organizing such events.

Q: Is there a certain charitable organization that you’ve worked with that you find most fulfilling?

Seiji: We work with an organization that provides free education for children in junior and senior high school who come from low-income or single-parent families. The organization offers free English language lessons to children, something that I believe is important in this interconnected world. I’ve been a part of that program for two and a half years, and this is outside of the CSR ambassador responsibility that I have for DTCC.

Last summer, I organized a student visit to our Tokyo office to educate them about all that we do and provide coaching with their English language skills. The event was such a success that we’ll plan another visit in a few months.

Q: How has community involvement helped you in your personal and professional growth?

Seiji: As a CSR ambassador, I have been able to gain skills in planning, communicating and organizing CSR events and activities for our Tokyo office.

At the same time, the role has made a significant impact on my life in ways that I never considered just five years ago. Volunteering has helped me become a better and more confident leader, while making a difference within our community. I’m grateful for this opportunity the company has trusted me with. It has helped me acquire new skills and discover my passion for giving back.

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Kobayashi Seiji Relationship Manager at DTCC Tokyo