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The Innovator Incubator: How DTCC is Helping Startups Grow

January 24, 2022

DTCC is proud to join forces with Tampa Bay Wave and USF Muma College of Business to sponsor the Fintech X Accelerator Program. This 90-day program is designed to assist high-potential, high-growth startups in the fintech or financial technology industry through mentorship, community connections, access to capital and exposure. The overall goal is to help transition startups to sustainable, scalable and profitable businesses. As an organization committed to shaping and improving communities where we live and work, DTCC understands the value that this program will bring to the Tampa Bay area including job creation and growth, local wealth building, creating stronger communities, inspiring the next generation of leaders and attracting top talent.

DTCC will be represented by Shai Perez, Executive Director, IT Vendor Management, who will also serve on the Tampa Bay Wave Advisory Operating Council. As part of this work, Shai will engage with her DTCC colleagues to gather and share input on the program, provide subject matter experts for panel sessions, and recruit colleagues for mentoring opportunities. When asked why she got involved, Shai noted, “Tampa Bay is one of the fastest growing cities in the US with the real estate market skyrocketing and new businesses planting roots in the region every day. This program provides the opportunity for DTCC to engage the community, have a front seat in driving innovation, and increasing our talent pipeline.”

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Shai Perez DTCC Executive Director, IT Vendor Management