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Back to School

As the long, lazy days of summer give way to early mornings and the familiar routines of a new school year, students around the world are gearing up to immerse themselves in a sea of fresh ideas and endless learning. At DTCC, our employees are investing their time and sharing their expertise with children at local schools in all parts of the world to inspire the next generation of leaders. Our focus is on bridging the gap between what industries need and what schools teach our children, and we’re proud of the role we’re playing in helping to build a diverse and powerful workforce of the future.

As the morning bell readies to signal the start of a new school year, we’re proud to introduce you to three employees who are paying it forward by giving back to school children in their communities.

Sharpening the Point with PENCIL

DTCC works with several organizations to build a strong pipeline of talent that’s ready to take on the complexities of the modern workplace, including mastering emerging technologies. Our 5-year partnership with PENCIL, a leader in aligning schools, eager students and career professionals for mentoring and internships, is one example of how we’re helping young people explore career paths, build financial literacy and support college readiness.

Jeanine DeVall

Jeanine DeVall, Executive Director and Head of The New Initiatives Office, DTCC Jersey City

“Volunteering for PENCIL allows me to share my professional experiences with high school students and talk about the various dynamics that may influence their career choice and how some of those factors could change due to technology, regulations or other dynamics. During our monthly sessions, we cover topics like personal branding, resume building and interviewing so these young adults begin preparing for life after school. Sometimes, we’re able to provide a perspective they may not be able to see themselves. For instance, I remember a conversation with a student who was excited to get an internship at a major accounting firm, but disappointed that she wouldn’t be doing accounting work. I explained that this was a wonderful opportunity to get her foot in the door and to work hands-on in a professional environment. This helped her see things in a different light and got her excited about how she could contribute to the firm’s success as well as her own.”

Grabbing a Slice of STEM Education

Building relationships with local schools is common across DTCC’s global sites. Sometimes we work with partner organization to reach deep into the community. Other times, we see a need and create the opportunity ourselves. That’s what inspired Heather Frisina as she drove to work one morning. With a burst of creativity and the strong support of her DTCC colleagues and administrators from the Coppell Independent School District in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Heather took the lead in developing and sponsoring two new STEM education programs for the students. Since then, she and her co-workers have evolved this work to create new initiatives to engage with the local school children.

Heather Frisina

Heather Frisina, Product Management Director, DTCC Dallas

“There was a lot of support across DTCC to get involved, but the trick was coming up with fun ideas that would make financial services interesting and relevant to young people. One of our first programs was teaching 4th and 5th graders about budgeting and computer coding by using a pizza cut into slices to show how to divide financial obligations. The kids loved it. For older students, we introduced a stock market simulation game and taught them how to make investment decisions based on fast-moving market conditions. More recently, we sponsored a “Women in Technology” panel with a local group called Tech Titans and expanded it to the Lewisville Independent School District to reach more students. We’ve also hosted a “Career Out” day and are exploring having our Innovation Club lead classes using Ozobot robots to teach coding. We get so much satisfaction sharing our experiences with the students and showing them the variety of career paths they can follow.”

Teaching Life’s Most Important Lessons

Chennai is one of India’s largest, most diverse and economically advanced cities. It’s home to industry, a bustling port and a top destination for tourists. But like any big urban area, Chennai is also home to people living in extreme poverty. Believe it or not, some men and women earn less than $1 USD a day. Employees in DTCC’s Chennai office support many different non-profit organizations each year, and one of their favorites is Sevalaya, which operates schools, a senior citizens home, an orphanage and even a mobile library. At least twice a year, about 30 DTCC colleagues visit a Sevalaya site to deliver in-person care.

Praveen Manivannan

Praveen Manivannan, Application Development Executive Director, DTCC Chennai

“One of our most impactful outings is to Sevalaya’s campus in Kasuva, a rural village west of Chennai. When we visit, I always volunteer to work at the school because I want to help the students understand how education can help them rise out of poverty. The children are growing up under very difficult circumstances, and opportunities for advancement are more limited than in other parts of India. My last time there, I shared a story about treating people with respect, while a colleague of mine talked about the importance of working hard to achieve your goals. These lessons may seem basic, but they’re essential building blocks to a brighter future. The kids hang on our every word and they like to ask a lot of questions because, even at their young age, they’re hungry for knowledge and want to create a brighter future for themselves and their families. I know they really appreciate the time we spend with them, but the truth is that we’re the ones who feel grateful for the chance to give back.”

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