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Bringing Your Real Self to Work

Jun 11, 2019

Claude Gorham - Bringing Your Real Self to Work - 300x300

In the first of our series celebrating Gay Pride Month, Claude Gorham Jr., DTCC Connectivity Team Lead, Connectivity, Activation and Production Support, shares how DTCC makes him feel valued in a way he’s never experienced before in his professional career.

When I leave my house each morning, I don’t need to hide who I am before I walk into work. I get to be exactly who I am, and I know I have the support of my company and my colleagues. The policies are very clear here, which is important, but it’s the actions we take as a company as well as the partnership of my colleagues that make everyone feel accepted.

Creating the LGBTQ Business Professional Network (BPN) was a big step. Like many firms, we have a lot of support for our Pride Month activities, but what makes DTCC unique is the feeling of inclusion. And the BPN plays a big role in fostering and promoting that culture. As a former co-lead for the BPN for many years and a current member of the BPN’s Steering committee, I’ve taken on the responsibility to give back to my co-workers by increasing knowledge of LGBTQ issues, sharing our experiences and creating a safe place for people who aren’t out at work or who just want to be part of a positive and vibrant community.

One of the most impactful partnerships we’ve developed is with PFLAG, who has helped us foster an inclusive environment by reaching out to the straight community and holding onsite workshops to talk about matters that are often avoided in the workplace, such as transgender issues. There was a lot of uncertainty when we began this outreach, but our colleagues were true to their DTCC values and we were able to break down barriers and build deeper relationships among employees. I’m truly appreciative that I have the opportunity to work here and can act as a force for positive change.

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