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Discovering the Leader Within

Sep 05, 2018

Kickstart Your Career

Tara is currently a student at Saint Peter’s University, majoring in International Business and Trade. She has spent numerous summers interning at DTCC and this past summer she worked in Voluntary Reorg within Global Operations and Client Services.

As a junior in high school, I applied for a summer internship that linked high-performing Jersey City public school students with participating organizations in my community. I was fortunate enough to have been placed with DTCC, and since then I’ve had the incredible opportunity to work at the company for four summers.

It was during my second year here that I began to hone in on the specific path that I wanted to take regarding my future career. I tend to be outgoing and like to help people, so I naturally gravitated towards acting as an informal mentor to the new high school interns. This past summer, I was excited when I was invited to speak at an information session for my department on the topic of personal branding. It was incredibly fulfilling to share my knowledge about the company with my peer interns. I enjoyed the opportunity to motivate my colleagues and began to envision myself in a leadership role in the future.

One event during my internship this year proved to be especially memorable for me and reinforced my aspirations. I attended a leadership event called STEPS, which stands for Sharing Talent, Experiences and Partnering for Success. This peer-learning initiative brought together people-managers in my department to discuss certain issues that organizational leaders faced and allowed them to share their experiences and advice.

"The people I met within this organization have truly played a pivotal role in my life."

Despite having come from different areas within the department, the people-managers spoke candidly about situations that they had to overcome. It was inspiring to listen to the discussions firsthand. Not only did I get a glimpse into what it takes to be an effective leader, I also saw the culture and values that make DTCC a very special place to work. This experience, as well as others that I have had during my internships here, has motivated me to seek a career where I’ll have a similar opportunity to support others in the same manner that my colleagues in DTCC have done for me. The people I met within this organization have truly played a pivotal role in my life. They have inspired me to pursue a business degree in college and set a goal to become an organizational leader someday. I have not looked back since – and I’m so excited for what the future holds.

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