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Employee in Action: Suzanne’s Story – Positive Impact All Around

April 28, 2020

Employee in Action: Suzanne’s Story – Positive Impact All Around

By Julienne Jose

Suzanne Head, Underwriting Senior Analyst, Global Operations and Client Services - Asset Services, is making a big difference in DTCC Wrexham. She has been the site’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Ambassador for two years and through her role, she is helping the organization build a close-knit, collaborative, philanthropic base in Wrexham.

We sat down with Suzanne to learn more about how she’s managing her role as Wrexham’s CSR lead.

How did you start your CSR journey in DTCC Wrexham?

SH: I’ve always had a keen interest in the environment and nature. I studied Animal Behavior/Zoology at University and have previously volunteered for environmental charities such as the Shropshire Wildlife Trust. I was approached as a new hire at DTCC in 2014 to join the CSR team. At that time, we supported 12 different charities throughout the year, but since then we have reduced that number to those that align with our core CSR pillars: Expanding to STEM Education, Increasing Economic Stability and Inclusion and Promoting Environmental Conservation and Sustainability.

We primarily work with local charities in Wrexham and for the past 10 years we have been partnering with Nightingale House Hospice under the Enhancing Economic Inclusion and Stability CSR pillar. This year is their 25th anniversary and we’ve committed to support their ongoing modernization project. We sponsor and participate in many events to raise funds for the palliative care unit, providing both volunteers and monetary donations. It takes £8,000 a day to run the unit and last year we raised nearly £10,000, enough to keep running for just over one day.

Speaking of the CSR pillars of DTCC, what other charities or initiatives do you support?

SH: This year, staff have voted to continue support of a local mental health charity Advance Brighter Futures (ABF) also under the Economic Inclusion and Stability pillar. ABF helps people to build a meaningful and satisfying life as defined by the individual experiencing mental health problems. In addition, Keep Wales Tidy, a new charity, was chosen to represent the Environmental Conservation and Sustainability pillar. The organization works across Wales to protect our environment for now and for the future. As part of our environmental sustainability efforts, we enjoyed organizing a tree planting day for staff in November 2019, where we planted 700 trees on a site near our office – an excellent legacy for us to leave!

Sounds like you would need a lot of volunteers this year. Is that ever a challenge in Wrexham?

SH: Having am early career employee base has its perks. Staff here are engaged and enthusiastic to support our chosen charities. There is a great attitude across the site and many teams participate in volunteer days together. In addition, our site lead fully supports CSR activities and actively encourages people to get involved. We try to organize different events to cater to the varied interests of the individuals here, including bake-offs, football tournaments, marathons and dog walking days, to name a few.

Apart from the different experiences you have gained in the past two years as CSR Ambassador, how has this role helped you in your professional development?

SH: This role has strengthened my confidence as well as my organizational and delegation skills, while helping me to become more assertive. It’s been great to work as part of a team and the contacts I’ve made have been invaluable. I regularly attend Business Environment Network meetings in Wrexham to learn about local initiatives and how our site can get involved. I have also been fortunate enough to attend a webinar on green energy plans in Wales to learn about initiatives at a country-wide level. It is fantastic to be able to follow my passion for the environment and to be fully supported in this.

What final thoughts do you have to share about your CSR work to date?

SH: Seeing the positive impact we have in our community and hearing how our support has benefitted people and our partnered charities is very satisfying. In 2019, we were nominated by the previous Member of Parliament for Wrexham for the All Parliamentary Cross-Party Award for Corporate Social Responsibility. Although we did not win, we were short-listed in the top 9 UK companies (out of 223), for the charity work we do in here. Our CSR program also has a positive impact on employee engagement across the site and it is great to see so many people get involved.

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