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Finding and Maintaining Balance

Dec 11, 2018

Finding and Maintaining Balance

Jyothi L. serves as Director, Service Management Metrics and Availability Management, working at DTCC Chennai. She manages a global team responsible for providing metrics and key process indicators to help IT management better understand service management performance, make informed decisions and continue to improve capabilities. She has been with the company for six years. As DTCC Chennai’s second female employee, Jyothi has witnessed the rapid expansion of the site, seeing it grow from 20 employees (when she joined) to 400 employees over the course of her career at DTCC.

In this interview, Jyothi recounts how DTCC’s commitment to work-life balance has enabled her to fulfill her responsibilities at work while ensuring personal and family time.

Q: How has having work-life balance shaped your career and your contributions to DTCC?

Jyothi: One of the greatest things about working at DTCC is the importance the organization places on our people – we always put our employees first. This is demonstrated by the flexible work environment we enjoy.

With the full support of my management, I have been able to take advantage of a flexible work schedule, which has enabled me to be a better manager and team contributor while balancing family and personal commitments. In my role leading a global team, collaboration is a must and I need to stay connected with my clients to deliver effectively. Because of the flexibility in my work arrangements, I can work at night when I need to take calls while still being able to enjoy quality time with my family. Without this flexibility, I would not have been able to manage a global team and perform as well in my current role without significantly sacrificing time with my loved ones, and especially my daughter.

I am confident to say that I can give 100 percent of myself to my work (and to my family!) without feeling guilty, because of the work-life balance DTCC provides.

Q: Would you say that having work-life balance has helped your personal growth as well?

Jyothi: With the focus on work-life balance, I’m able to get involved in local site activities as well as pursue my personal goals and interests. For example, in the past, I’ve enjoyed managing employee engagement activities at the site for three years and have also participated in the Toast Masters Group where I’ve given speeches internally and externally. In my personal life, I have also been able to pursue some of my favorite hobbies, including painting and sketching. This balance enables me to bring my full self to work and to my home.

Q: Why is DTCC your ideal workplace?

Jyothi: DTCC has provided me with challenging career opportunities that have helped me learn and grow over the years. When I joined DTCC, I was hired as a Process Governance Architect in the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) team. Later I moved to the Enterprise Infrastructure space and have performed various roles in various capacities and now in my current role, I am managing Service management metrics and Availability team. Over the past six years, I have learned a lot from these experiences, which paved the way for me to enhance my skills and make myself more versatile and valuable.

Whenever I’m given a new role, I am asked to step out of my comfort zone. I have always embraced this philosophy and have tried different things to grow, and build new skills and capabilities.

DTCC is my ideal workplace because it always puts its employees first. Our management is supportive of our careers and understands personal priorities. By having supportive relationships, we can bring 100 percent of ourselves to DTCC and do our best work every day.

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