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More Than “Just the Intern”

Sep 05, 2018

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Michelle is a student at the University of Florida at Gainesville, majoring in Computer Science. She has interned at DTCC for two summers in Application Development and hopes to one day become a software engineer.

I found out I wanted to be a software engineer by mistake.

When I was 14, my mom accidently signed me up for a computer programming class thinking I would learn Microsoft Suite. But that error sparked my passion for Java and set me on a course to become a software engineer. Over the past two summers, my dream has become a reality during my internship at DTCC.

I first learned about DTCC at my college’s career fair. This event was very intimidating, but I immediately connected with the recruiters at the DTCC table. They were friendly, passionate and made a great impression on me.

It’s surreal when I look back and realize that I started my first internship at DTCC over a year ago. I still remember walking into the office that first morning, seeing the big DTCC sign on the building and meeting all my new colleagues who were talking about different initiatives across the company.

My nerves started to get the better part of me, but my co-workers quickly made me feel at home. The culture and environment are so supportive. Everyone is there to help and make your experience rewarding. When I have a question or hit a roadblock trying to solving a problem, my manager or the developers on my team take the time to explain things to me. DTCC encourages cross-functionality, which made me feel comfortable reaching out to anyone to get the answers I needed.

"Over the past two summers, my dream has become a reality during my internship at DTCC"

I loved the culture at DTCC so much that I applied for another internship this past year. During my two summers as an Application Development intern, I’ve received work that is both challenging and impactful, such as writing production code, analyzing development practices and using my intuition and experience to make a difference on my team.

At DTCC, I’ve never felt like “just the intern.” My manager is open to my ideas and I’ve never been told, “No, you can’t do that.” I’m able to shape my internship by getting experience working on real projects and accomplishing my internship goals. For that reason, I consider myself very fortunate to have spent the past two summers at DTCC.

The experiences I’ve garnered and the work I’ve accomplished throughout my time here have truly helped shape my future career as a software engineer.

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