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Our People

In this series, DTCC employees share their own experiences on what it is like to work at DTCC. These stories provide perspective on how DTCC employees are anticipating the industry’s needs while continually contributing and improving the safety and soundness of the financial markets.

Verma joins a list of 40 distinguished technologists on the IBM 2021 Women Leaders in AI which highlights technology leaders who are using AI innovation across companies around the globe..

Contributing to the Client Experience

Noor I., located in the Dallas office, is a Senior Associate for the Systemic Risk Office (SRO), a division of DTCC’s Financial and Operational Risk Management (FORM).

The Value of Teamwork


Simon D from DTCC London affirms how critical teamwork is in delivering services that benefit our clients and the community.

The Veteran Advantage

DTCC military veteran employees share their experiences on how the skills they've gained in the military is an advantage for the organization.

The Benefits of a Broader Perspective

As a Network Architect, Stephen P. is responsible for vetting technologies and methodologies to build, maintain and secure the infrastructure that connects DTCC internally, and to its clients.

Achieving Success Through Our Employees

In her seven years with DTCC, Silvia S., Change Management Specialist for the IT Organizational Change Management Office of DTCC, has taken advantage of all applicable internal programs to develop her skills and grow her career.

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