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The Importance of Diverse Workforce Recruitment

December 1, 2020

The Importance of Diverse Workforce Recruitment - 300px

One of the main drivers of DTCC’s continued success is the diversity of our employees. Even as we reach the end of this tumultuous year, enhancing this diversity remains a primary goal. We are continually looking for innovative ways to recruit the best and most diverse group of talented young professionals available. DTCC’s Diversity and Inclusion leaders recently held an information session with some potential recruits to discuss early career opportunities and a new internship program that started this year.

What Does Diversity Mean at DTCC?

“There are multiple reasons for having a diverse workforce,” says Alice Avellanet, Associate Director of Diversity and Inclusion in DTCC’s Diverse Talent Management and Advancement Team (DTMA). “One of them is to ensure that we remain a leader in industry innovation, and this is much easier when we can draw from a wide variety of perspectives and ideas. Bringing people from different backgrounds together to launch new products or services is always best from a competitive point of view because it helps us evaluate the opportunity from all angles.”

But, “diversity for DTCC isn’t just about ethnicity and gender and things you can see,” explains Jodi Brockington, Director of Diversity and Inclusion Sourcing. “It’s also about bringing people in from other industries. We’ve therefore been trying to expand where we source our talent, to add different perspectives to our business. People coming from the aerospace or even the fashion industry, for example, may have tech skills that are just as strong as those who come from a finance or technology industry.” Furthermore, as an international company with a global client base, DTCC knows it’s critical for us to reflect the communities we serve.

Part of this effort includes reaching out to a wider range of professional organizations to identify a diverse source of potential employees. To this end, DTCC has developed strong partnerships with groups like the National Black MBA Association, the National Society of Black Engineers, ASCEND Pan Asian Leaders, Jopwell, FairyGodBoss, and Girls Who Code.

Diversity at DTCC

One of the main ways that DTCC enables our diverse workforce to network and advance throughout the company is through Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). ERGs foster both traditional and reverse mentoring relationships and help to make our already small community of a company a little bit smaller. They often serve as excellent sources for information on things like the best professional development class to take or how much training someone might need in order to get promoted.

DTCC also takes enormous pride in having created a culture that fosters comradery and enables people to become their best selves. Fikir Sanders, Associate Director on the DTMA Team says that “volunteerism and philanthropy are a big part of DTCC’s DNA. Over 30 percent of our employees volunteer each year, and DTCC supports more than 70 charities while contributing over $400K annually. DTCC’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy has recently been refined to focus on achieving carbon neutrality and fostering the next generation of diverse STEM leaders.”

Internships and Early Career Opportunities

The “Rising Stars” internship program is DTCC’s newest initiative for identifying diverse talent. It was started this year to foster and develop high school and college students who are alumni of various programs we work with like Girls Who Code. Students receive additional STEM workforce training through this opportunity, while getting introduced to DTCC’s unique culture. Gerry Reyes, Senior Associate in DTMA explains that “the curriculum consists of nine topics like hands-on coding, workshops, hackathons, and presentations from various DTCC business areas like Risk and IT. It also includes networking, DTCC overviews, mentoring skills, and financial literacy training.” Once these students get closer to completing college, we hope they will apply for our traditional internship or early career program.

DTCC is working hard to reach out to students and offers a variety of ways for them to learn more about our culture and programs for young professionals. Look out for our information on LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Facebook, The Muse, and Twitter.

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