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DTCC Announcements

DTCC Shares Findings from its Pilot with the Digital Dollar Project, Identifying Requirements for Supporting a U.S. CBDC in Securities Settlement
November 30, 2022

DTCC Launches the Report Hub Service Assisted Reporting Model to Help Market Participants Meet Trade Reporting Obligations
November 21, 2022

DTCC Appoints Nashira Spencer Chief Security Officer
November 07, 2022

DTCC's NSCC Processes First Trade On New SFT Clearing Service
October 11, 2022

DTCC Partners with Snowflake to Transform Financial Industry Data Ecosystem
September 27, 2022

DTCC Outlines Post-Quantum Security Risks & Considerations for the Financial Industry as Technology Capabilities Continue to Advance
September 21, 2022

NYU Partners with DTCC for Comprehensive Cybersecurity Program
September 7, 2022

Iyo Bank Becomes First Regional Bank in Japan to Adopt DTCC's ITP Services
August 24, 2022

DTCC's Project Ion Platform now Live in Parallel Production Environment, Processing Over 100,000 Transactions per Day on DLT
August 22, 2022

DTCC Launches New DTC Service Designed to Help Lower Excess Tax Withheld for Non-US Investors
August 10, 2022

DTCC’s Margin Transit Utility (MTU) is now Connected to all Major Triparty Agents, Transforming Collateral Management Process for the Industry
August 03, 2022

SIFMA, ICI and DTCC Publish T+1 Implementation Playbook as the Industry Readies for Accelerated Settlement
August 01, 2022

DTCC Partners with Kingfield to Transform Corporate Actions Claims Process
July 27, 2022

Press Releases


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