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(Apply to domestic Security Issue IDs only, where the Security Issue IDs types are "Not" 62 or 63)
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External Settlement only


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Multi (Default)
  ToRA Indicator

(All Securities IDs belonging to this member without ToRA Indicator on the Security Issue ID Profile will default to this setting.)
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No (Default)

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This is for Regular Orders Only (Record Type 001)
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Please Note:
In connection with any application to add a Security Issue ID number to Fund/SERV, it should be noted that under National Securities Clearing Corporation (NSCC) Rule 52, Section 46 the submission of a transaction or instruction through Fund/SERV relating to any security bearing the additional Security Issue ID number (and the settlement, deletion, rejection and exit of any such transaction or instruction from or through Fund/SERV) shall not otherwise relinquish, extinguish or affect any obligations of a Settling Member, TPA Member, Mutual Fund Processor or Fund Member arising out of such transaction or instruction. It should be emphasized in this regard that NSCC has no obligation or responsibility to verify whether any information submitted by a Receiving Fund Member to a Mutual Fund or its registrar, transfer agent or administrator in connection with a transfer request (for the transfer of Mutual Fund shares) under Rule 52, Section 46 is adequate to comply with the legal or other restrictions or requirements that may be applicable to such a transfer.