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End-to-End Trade Reporting Solution

In addition to its core trade repository services, new services and functionality offered by Repository and Derivatives Services (RDS) such as FinfraG and Securities Financing Transactions Regulation (SFTR) reporting, have made RDS an end-to-end solution for clients’ transaction reporting needs.


RDS Plus offerings enable users to simplify, streamline and enhance the quality of their derivatives and securities financing transactions reporting. By developing these new capabilities, which mitigate risk, simplify reporting processes and increase transparency for clients, DTCC will be able to grow the RDS business into the future from its existing infrastructure.

For clients who choose to use them, new service opportunities will spring from emerging technologies as well as partnerships with other service providers. For example, DTCC has partnered with Xceptor, a leader in data-centric intelligent automation, and Droit, a leader in real-time transactional compliance, to deliver data transformation and eligibility capabilities through DTCC Report Hub, part of the RDS Plus suite of offerings.

Transforming Trade Reporting-Process